Why Your Shop Needs a Chisum Workhorse 6

The Chisum Workhorse 6 is designed to meet the growing needs of the car frame rack. Learn more about this new bench rack and what it can do for you.

Bigger may not always be better, but most Americans equate it with safer. It’s a big reason vehicles continue to increase in size, with the Toyota Camry now 21 percent bigger than its first generation model and the Rav4 a whopping 38 percent bigger.

If your frame machine is a few years old, it might be time to upgrade to ensure your shop can keep up with the larger vehicles. The Chisum Workhorse 6 is the result of four years of development to create a drive-on collision repair system that will be your go-to option for every job.

Let’s take a look at what makes this bench an ideal fit for most shops.

Benefits of the Updated Chisum Workhorse

The newly updated Workhorse meets rigorous safety requirements and can help you improve productivity and profitability. It brings value to your shop from the moment you bring it in since it gives your techs more options for working.

The 19′ long bench gives the length needed to handle any kind of vehicle on the road. The drive-on ramps are more than 7′ wide and easily removable.

The redesign looked to improve the overall quality of the bench as well with high attention to detail of the milling surface. A high-quality powder-coat finish makes the bench look great sitting in your shop as well as easier to clean.

Ease of Use

The last two years have seen repair times increase by more than a day on average. The improved features of the new Workhorse make it easier to use, which in turn can improve the efficiency and productivity of your team.

The bench offers the ability to let you add as many extra towers along the side as you need to get the job done. They offer better down-pulling angles to allow you to get the work completed efficiently.

The new removable ramps give you good access to all parts of the vehicle and can be adjusted to easily fit a truck or SUV. This keeps the tires from overhanging the edges and keeps your workplace safer.

The powder-coating makes the bench easier to keep clean and rust-free. The mounting arms have been made wider to make it easy to clamp a wide-body vehicle down on the frame. The Workhorse is also a good value option because it’s designed with cross-compatibility with bench accessories from other companies.

Ideal Shop User

The Chisum Workhorse is a great option for the collision repair shop that needs to grow its frame repair needs but has a tighter budget. Because of the designed cross-compatibility, the Workhorse also works well in a shop that has other racks because you can save by sharing accessories.

While Chisum offers great training for your techs, the Workhorse is easily used by techs who already have experience with a bench-rack-style frame machine.

Upgrade to the Chisum Workhorse 6

Gain a competitive edge by being able to take on any vehicle that cruises into your shop thanks to the bigger size of the Chisum Workhorse 6. The various features allow your team to be more efficient and productive, making it possible for you to keep customers happy with faster turn-around times.

Looking to upgrade to the latest Chisum equipment or not sure what to choose? Contact us to get a quote or more information about financing the purchase.