What Makes the New GYS Innovative Dust Extraction System Unique?

Particle exposure is one of the leading occupational hazards for auto body repair technicians. 

Effective dust extraction is vital for maintaining a safe and clean work environment, but choosing the right dust extraction system can be challenging. Dust extraction systems typically cost a few thousand dollars, and many are cumbersome to operate. 

Is your dust extraction unit giving you problems? Or maybe you’re not happy with its operation?

Continue reading to find out what makes the GYS dust extraction system unique and why it is one of the best units for auto body repair shops. 

The GYSDUST EXTRACTOR Is Small, Compact, and Lightweight

One of the things that make the GYS suction equipment unique is its small size. 

The GYSDUST EXTRACTOR dust extraction system offers powerful suction and low air consumption in a compact body. This is unusual in an industrial dust extraction system, where most units are heavy and difficult to move around. 

In contrast, the GYSDUST EXTRACTOR is lightweight and mobile. Equipped with two large 150 mm wheels, it can go anywhere and plug in just like an air compressor. 

No Wet Mix

Another unique feature of the GYSDUST EXTRACTOR is it doesn’t require a wet mix. With most types of dust extraction systems technicians have to regularly fill the unit with water to keep the contents wet and the dust sticking together. 

With this GYS dust extraction system techs can skip this task. They also don’t have to clean the unit. Instead, all they have to do is empty the vacuum bag when full. 

Quiet Operation

Another reason why GYS units are one of the best dust extraction system options is their quiet operation. GYS dust suction units are so quiet that you can have a full conversation while you sand. 

This is advantageous to technicians’ health, as it reduces noise pollution in the workplace. If you want to try and keep noise levels as close to the safe limit of 70 decibels as possible—a GYS extraction unit can help you do that. 

There are plenty of loud tasks going on throughout the day in an auto body shop. Your dust extraction system does not need to add to this. 


Tired of your essential auto body shop equipment breaking down? GYS units are also the best extraction system to choose if you want a piece of dust suction equipment that will last you a lifetime. 

The GYS dust extraction system is entirely pneumatic. There is no electric motor to burn out, which means you don’t have to worry about securing hard-to-find parts.

If you use a dust extraction system that has a motor, it can be very difficult to get this replaced as parts change and components are  updated. Over time, your unit will no longer be compatible with the replacement motors and parts that are available.

If you use the GYS suction system properly and don’t abuse it, it can outlive you. Unless requirements change, you won’t need to upgrade or change your dust extraction system when you have a GYS unit. 

Most Affordable Vacuum Approved for Aluminum

The GYSDUST EXTRACTOR is also unique in that it’s one of the most affordable vacuums approved for use with aluminum. 

If your shop wants to work with brands like Ford or GM, you will need to have certain aluminum-approved products. The GYSDUST EXTRACTOR is one of these approved products, but costs substantially less than a lot of other aluminum-approved types of dust extraction systems.

Want to Change Your Dust Extraction System?

The GYS dust extraction system offers auto body shops a more light, compact, maneuverable, quiet, cost-effective, long-lasting alternative to almost any other industrial dust extraction system available today. Besides all of these advantages, it’s also aluminum-approved. 

Are you thinking of changing your dust extraction system? 

Innovative Solutions and Technology is committed to helping auto body shop owners deliver the best service with the best equipment. 

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