All About the Gap That the MaxiSys ADAS MA600 Fills in the Market

In today’s world, automobiles are filled with technological features to keep drivers safe and make sure cars are running well. These features are great for drivers and a challenge for auto body and collision repair shop owners.

When a car needs repairs from an accident or breakdown, those working on it must manage the many technological features and ensure they are working properly. 

Enter the MaxiSys ADAS MA600. This MA600 by Autel gives glass technicians, collision repair, and auto repair shops a connection between the vehicle database and a powerful calibration tool. It adds a whole new level to auto collision and repair. 

Read on to learn more about the MaxiSys ADAS MA600.

What Gap Does the MaxiSys ADAS MA600 Fill in the Market?

The MaxiSys ADAS MA600 helps with calibration for camera and radar based calibration procedures. 

The MA600 is a great ADAS calibration tool if you plan on performing calibrations in multiple locations. 

If on-site repairs are needed, the tool travels and gives you the same extensive capabilities you might have in-house. 

MA600 Ease of Use for Users

The MA600 was designed to be portable, so the setup is fast, and the storage of this unit is sleek.

Collision and repair shops understand the demands of technology in cars; they don’t need another huge piece of equipment using up valuable space. 

When you commit to purchasing new equipment, you need it to be efficient and easily storable when not in use. 

Ideal User for MA600

The MA600 is ideal for glass technicians who need to perform calibrations after replacing windshields. It can also grow all the way into calibrations of radar and can do everything that any Autel ADAS system can do.

Ideal users include auto repair shops and collision repair shops.  

Beat the Clock for Customers With the MaxiSys ADAS MA600

The MaxiSys ADAS MA600 has an extensive vehicle database such as Ford, Kia, BMW, and Lexus to name a few. This is significant for users because the software increases their calibration abilities by allowing a wider variety of vehicles to be serviced. 

Key Abilities of the Autel ADAS System

As a business, investing in a product, especially a software-based program that won’t grow with your business, never makes sense. The  MA600 can do all the work that the Autel ADAS system does, except it also can grow as your needs grow.

This allows you to get the calibration benefits of the ADAS system without investing in a more complex system.

Financing Your MaxiSys ADAS MA600

As you consider investing in new equipment for your shop, you want it to meet your specific needs and be affordable, too. There are options for great rates and even 0% options when investing in new equipment like the MaxiSys ADAS MA600.

Financing your equipment gets you the equipment you need in your shop and allows you to pay for it over time.

MaxiSys ADAS MA600 Makes Your Work More Efficient

The MaxiSys ADAS MA600 system is a smart choice for all the options it offers your business. It increases your on-site and off-site abilities for calibrations. It’s a sleek and easy-to-manage piece of equipment that will grow with your business over time. 

To learn more about the MaxiSys ADAS MA600 or to schedule a demo, contact us today.