Top Features of the Autel Maxisys ADAS Tablet

Picture of the Autel Maxisys ADAS Tablet

Your auto body and collision repair shop should have all the best tools. Learn about the top features of the Autel Maxisys ADAS tablet.

Performing a full diagnostic of a vehicle’s issues can take anywhere from around an hour to ninety minutes. This is if everything goes right and there are minimal issues. Do you want a way to reduce that time so you can get on with other tasks?

The Autel Maxisys ADAS tablet resolves that issue. Below you will learn all about the most important features of this piece of equipment. As you read, you will start to understand why it is so important that you pick one up for your own auto body shop.

Covers Most Makes and Models

There is no point in picking up a diagnostic tool if it only works with a few of the vehicles you might see at your auto body facility. Instead, you should ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. 

The Autel Maxisys ADAS tablet is ideal because it can interface with almost all of the most popular makes and models of vehicles. Because you can use this tool with the majority of the vehicles you might receive in your shop, you will not need to pick up too many devices. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Advanced User Experience

The designers of this tablet focused hard on ease of use for anyone involved in collision repair. Not only is the UI easy to use, but it includes very simple instructions, so you do not need to worry about a lot of learning or training time for new users.

The Autel device uses Android OS, much like the smartphone. This allows people to understand how the touchscreen works, as it will respond like their own personal devices.

Because the device also comes with a Bluetooth connection, you do not need to worry about wires getting in the way anymore—you can simply connect with the OBD CVI without physical connections .

The device can even check the vehicle’s VIN in a snap. This helps you receive accurate data on the car in your shop without needing to enter it manually. You can even save and print data on the vehicle without needing to upload it to a second computer.

Last of all, if you continue to have problems, you can contact a professional Autel technician. This expert can log into the device and show you how to do anything you might need it to do as you watch.

Autel Maxisys ADAS Tablet

A Plethora of Functional Tools

You can expect most of the functions in this tablet to do many of the things you need, so you won’t need many different auto -body tools. It can do pre-scans and post-scans of a vehicle, for example, then export the data for later use. You can also use it to precisely calibrate the ADAS sensors, giving you a higher degree of accuracy in controlling how the vehicle detects issues.

Secure Gateway Access

Last of all, the tablet has Secure Gateway Access. It can bypass the SGW module on many cars that prevent them from receiving unlicensed repairs. Because the tablet has a license to connect, you can perform the repair without worrying about further issues.

Need Anything Else for Your Shop? 

The Autel Maxysis ADAS tablet is only one of many tools offered today that you need in a well-stocked collision repair shop. If you are looking for a supplier for your auto body shop, we can help you out.

We have the expertise to understand your needs and provide you with high-quality auto body equipment and tools on short notice. All you need to do is give us a call and we can talk about your options today.