The Pro-Spot PR-5 Riveter – Why You Need This Tool In Your Shop

Pro Spot’s PR-5 Rivet Gun System applies and removes rivets for auto body collision repair.

Innovative Solutions & Technology is a proud distributor of the highest-quality repair tools, including the Pro-Spot PR-5 Rivet Gun System and a variety of other tools and accessories. The PR-5 Rivet Action AC System is available with Action Air Conditioning Installation & Heating of San Diego; Technology auto body collision repair tools. We also provide training clinics for technicians to learn the latest methods for using riveters in auto body repair.

Here is some more information and tips on how you should be using this rivet gun system in your auto body repair shop.

What is the PR-5 Rivet Gun System?

Pro Spot’s PR-5 Rivet Gun System applies and removes rivets as a cold joining process on heat-sensitive materials like aluminum.

This is an all-in-one system for all your riveting needs, used for:

  • SPR
  • Flow Form
  • Blind
  • Removal
  • Flattening
  • Punching

Features include:

  • Easy to Use
  • Used for Self-Piercing, Flattening and Rivet Removal
  • Magnetic Punches for Quick Installation
  • Smart Trigger System
  • Portable, Battery Operated

The riveter comes with a magnetic die kit for applying SPR and solid rivets, removing rivets and flattening. With all the different sized rivets used in collision repair, the PR-5 uses magnetic dies to assist in quick rivet changes.

Why is this tool different from other riveters?

The PR-5 Riveter has been designed as the tool for today and tomorrow. This tool is different from most riveters because it is made with such precision that we guarantee it will not perform a bad rivet. The on-board system performs the same strength pressure (regardless of battery level) with full, half full, or almost empty battery. The battery voltage does not affect the force power.

To learn more about the Pro-Spot PR-5 Riveter and other Pro-Spot tools, visit the Pro Spot website.

Innovative Solutions & Technology is a proud distributor of a variety of collision repair tools and accessories. We offer these products, as well as training and support services to auto body repair shops across the tri-state area.

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