Startronic 800

The Startronic 800 is your ultra-fast charging solution without the need for a power supply. This intelligent, autonomous starter is equipped with supercapacitors. It uses the residual voltage from the battery of the vehicle to recharge itself and start the engine within a few seconds.

Designed for all 12 V, gas or diesel-powered vehicles, its compact and lightweight design allows for easy storage and transport. It is easy to use in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Make sure the vehicle’s battery terminals are clean, greased and corrosion free. Connect the red clamp to the battery’s + and the black clamp to the battery’s .


Step 2: The device switches on automatically and displays its internal voltage via the indicators. Press the on/off button before starting the charge of the Startronic. Full charge takes approximately 2 minutes. During the charge, the voltage indicators will blink until they reach 14V. When the 14V indicator stops blinking, the device is charged and ready to start your vehicle.

Charge the Capacitors

Step 3: Start your engine. When the engine starts, remove the clamps from the vehicle.

There are 3 convenient charging options for the Startronic 800.

Car Adaptor – Use the car adaptor cable to plug into the cigarette lighter socket. Plug the other end to the Startronics entry port to start the charge. Full charge will take approximately 2 minutes.

USB Port – The Startronic can be charged using any device supplied with a USB port.  USB / DC cable or micro USB / USB cable not supplied. Full charge will take approximately 15 minutes.

12V Battery – Connect the Startronic to a substitute 12V battery supply. Full charge will take approximately 2 minutes.


Startronic Box

This is a recyclable product and should be disposed of at a recycling facility.



Product and shipping information:

The Stratronic 800 comes with a Cigarette lighter plug and a carrying bag.

Please see the product manual safety instructions.

Packaging Dimensions – 11x 8 x 3 in.

Shipping Weight – 4 lbs.

If you are interested in upgrading your shop to include an Startronic 800
please contact us or call 973-348-9490.