Spanesi Auto Body Equipment

New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania’s #1 Spanesi Equipment Distributor

We are proud to offer the Spanesi brand of equipment to our customers in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. 

Vehicle technology evolves at a faster rate now than any previous decade. Steel used in modern vehicle construction is designed to better protect passengers. As a result, the collision repair industry has also faced a major shift. 

Spanesi Provides the Ultimate Measuring Solutions for Collision Repair

With today’s advanced vehicle manufacturing standards, it is absolutely critical that body structure is measured for proper alignment.  Even in instances where the collision may seem minor, the lightest hit can result in a massive impact on the health of your vehicle. 

When a vehicle does sustain a body misalignment, conventional wisdom says that anchoring the frame rack should be done by attaching four pinch weld clamps to the frame or benchHowever, taking modern manufacturing standards into account, this change in steels has demanded different anchoring locations, sometimes more than 6.

The Spanesi Equipment Line

The Spanesi Universal Fixtures are the answer for repairing today's vehicles and tomorrow's. There is no need to rent dedicated fixtures or invest in additional anchoring systems year after year.

The Spanesi products that we proudly offer include, but are not limited to: 

  • TOUCH Three-Dimensional Electronic Measuring System
  • Universal Fixturing System
  • 106 Bench
  • Multi-Bench Frame Rack

This is just a preview of the full range of Spanesi products that we offer. Each piece is designed personally by the Spanesi family, which has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing equipment for collision repair service providers.