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SP-5 Smart MIG

Innovative Solutions & Technology

SP-5 Smart MIG

Innovative Solutions & Technology is a distributor of the Pro Spot SP-5 Smart MIG to all auto body shops in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The SP-5 Smart MIG has three MIG torches that can be set up for three different base metals and is ideal for body shops welding stainless steel, aluminum and zinc coated steel. The three MIG torches allows you to easily transition between three diferent base metals, saving you both time and money on your welding jobs. Click here for details.

Here are the features of the SP-5 Smart MIG:

  • 5 Torches — 3 MIG, 1 TIG, 1 stick
  • 3 Wire Spools
  • Pulsed Welding
  • Inverter Technology
  • Preloaded Synergic Programs

So if your auto body shop is in the market for a quality welding system that can help you save time and money, give the experts at Innovative Solutions & Technology a call todaty at 973.348.9490 and we can help you get set up with the SP-5 Smart MIG in your auto body shop today!


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