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Electronic Measuring System Touch


Touch, a universal electronic measuring system, allows you to quickly carry out a diagnosis on damaged vehicles, to realize the certification of correct reparation and to measure all the mechanical parts.

Diagnosis and Warranty of the Vehicle:

Extreme rapidity without the help of adapters – Quick equipment positioning.

Use of any lift — Easy to use with the help of a useful software.

Availability of a database containing all the main points of chassis and suspensions.

Possibility to create a personal database – In addition, the TOUCH system allows you to measure all the mechanical parts, assembled or disassembled, on the vehicle in order to diagnose every single mechanical component.

Diagnosis and certification printout easy to understand.

Vehicle Reparation

  • Reparation can be carried out on any straightening bench
  • Easy to use with the help of useful software
  • Possibility to have a database with assembled and/or partially disassembled mechanical parts
  • Real-time visualization of the reparation
  • Printout of the correct reparation easily understandable


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