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Aluminum Station

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Aluminum Station

The Aluminum Weld Station system includes a portable welding cart, welder(s), and all accessories necessary for aluminum dent pulling. The Aluminum Weld Station includes a Pro Spot AL-5 Capacitor Discharge Stud Welder, which is designed for aluminum dent pulling and Welding UHSS panels.

Mobile Work Station: The Pro Spot Mobile Work Station system features many different customization levels to suit your shop’s needs.

AL-5 Aluminum Dent Pulling System: Pro Spot AL-5 Capacitor discharge stud welder, designed for aluminum dent pulling and Welding UHSS panels.

Pull Bar: Designed for both aluminum and steel dent pulling. Includes adjustable foot swivel pads for mounting both vertically and horizontally.

Pro Pull Dent Puller: (Optional) Pro Pull is the latest in dent pulling technology for the collision industry. This tool makes dent pulling an art.


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