Pro Spot i4 Spot Welder

Product Name: Reconditioned Pro Spot i4 Spot Welder_00001920

Rating: Good

Description: This Pro Spot i4 was just traded in for a new GYS PTI.G Spot Welder. Upon taking this in for trade we refurbished this unit and rebuilt the double-sided gun, replaced the standard arm with another used but very nice shape arm, did the same with the wheelhouse arm. You will find that this welder has all new electrodes with spares in the top tray for future replacement when needed. The C to X adapter is included with this unit and was also rebuilt with new washers and electrodes. The SD card in this unit was flashed with a newer version of the software keeping this i4 completely up to date. Everything was realigned for proper usage, and we added electrode pliers as well as shunt pliers. The plug on this was replaced to a newer 15-60 Hubbell plug. This unit also includes a plumbed in tip dresser as well as an attachment so it can rest close to the double-sided gun. New filters were put in place and the entire welder, internal and external, just had a nice detail. This is now ready to go to work for another shop so give us a call today if you are interested, 973-348-9490. We will ship this anywhere!!

Sale Price: Call Us at 973-348-9490 to go over pricing and delivery options with one of our sales representatives.