Pro Spot i4 Resistance Spot Welder

Product Name: Pro Spot i4 Resistance Spot Welder_00001885

Rating: Fair

Description: This PR-2000 may have been heavily used in its time, but we refurbished this unit and retooled every electrode. The bottom line is this PR-2000 makes beautiful welds still!! The double sided gun was recently rebuilt and everything lines up great. Single-sided attachment works as it should and this will come with plenty of extra hardware and consumables. If you do not have a large budget for a new spot welder, this is a great alternative. While it was in for refurbishment, we also disassembled down the plate and cleaned up all of the electronics, the main screen was replaced and the contactor inside is now brand new.

Sale Price: Please call us at 973-348-9490 for pricing.