Product Spotlight: Spanesi Multibench

The Spanesi Multibench is an electrohydraulic lift suitable for lifting any kind of vehicle. Its design is sleek, and just the right size. It offers great practicality, performance, speed, and universality. The vehicle positioning on this innovative bench is rapid and practical. When it is in its lowest position, the Spanesi Multibench only sits 4 inches high. It is a frame rack and a lift, allowing a technician to stay in one bay during the repair process. The Spanesi Multibench also has an electronic measuring system to use for efficient repairs.

From Spanesi’s website: 

Multibench is an electrohydraulic lift suitable for lifting any type of motor vehicle, with a maximumcapacity of 3,000 kg. The vehicle is raised directly onto its wheels. You can straighten vehicles through 360° by the pulling column and the supplied hose clamps to be inserted without trolleys and without lift the vehicle from the ramps. Possibility of applying the measurement system TOUCH, transforming Multi Bench in a convenient station for diagnosis and repair. Wide is the range of optional equipment.”

To learn more about the Multibench and see it in action, check out our YouTube video about it here.

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