Product Spotlight: i4S Smart Spot Welder

The i4S Spot Welder has the same capabilities as the i4 Spot Welder, plus more. The i4S features built in training so that technicians have immediate access when any information is needed. Because of the i4S’s wifi connectivity, technicians will get automatic updates and weld log reports via email.

In the description of this Welder on Pro Spot’s website, its capabilities and features are outlined:

  • Auto Weld Mode: Using continuous feedback information, the i4s quickly gathers and adjusts to the weld as its occurring, providing accurate & proper welds.
  • i4s Smart Gun: Save time by clearing alerts or changing parameters directly with the on-gun display screen and fingertip controls. There is no need to go back and forth from the vehicle to the welder.
  • 360 Degree Arm Rotation: The new i4s Gun comes with 360 degree Arm Rotation providing technicians more maneuverability where access space on the car is limited.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Staying connected is easier than ever with the i4s’ built-in Wifi, which allows users to connect directly and quickly to access training videos, materials, and OEM procedures.
  • On-Board Training: With built-in speakers, headphone jacks and a high-resolution display, training delivery has never been easier.
  • Instant Communication: The i4s can quickly communicate Email Weld Logs in real-time with the press of a button to meet the increasing demands from OEMs, insurance companies, and certification programs.
  • Customizable: Set & Assign Work Orders on the welder to any technician to help maintain records and monitor workflow.

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