Pro Spot’s SP-5 SMART MIG Welder Offers a Lot of Capabilities in a Single Package

Most cooks don’t have time for single-use gadgets taking up space in their drawers and cabinets. The same can be said for auto collision shop owners.

That’s just one of the reasons why Pro Spot’s SP-5 SMART MIG Welder makes an excellent addition to any shop that works with aluminum, silicon bronze and steel. The SP-5 has three MIG torches and three spools for the three different base metals. The welder also has a built-in synergic mode that controls optimal arc stability and weld quality and allows technicians to pick up the appropriate torch and pull the trigger. With a click of the trigger, the weld parameters and gases automatically set themselves.

For the technician, this capability is a time saver because they no longer have to change out the wires and liners to work on vehicles with different materials. For shop owners, that means faster cycle times and increased profits, especially since many automotive manufacturers have introduced aluminum into many more car builds.

Just like in the late night infomercials, however, if you think that’s all the capabilities of the product, hold onto your hat. We’re about to say that infamous “but wait, there’s more.”

In addition to three torches and three spools, the SP-5 comes equipped for TIG welding and MMA/stick welding. That makes the SP-5 SMART MIG welder five welders in one. That’s definitely not a single-use piece of equipment taking up valuable space in your shop.

Learn more about the welder’s capabilities and if you’d like to see one in person, give our team a call at 973.348.9490. We’ll bring one out to your shop for an onsite demonstration.

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