Innovative Solutions & Technology and Pro Spot Update

After an 8-year partnership, Innovative Solutions & Technology and Pro Spot have decided to part ways. If you are a customer of Innovative Solutions & Technology and have purchased a Pro Spot product, please know that you will still experience the same level of service, support and training you have from us in the past.

Our vision has always been to give you the best value by taking care of the equipment we sold you after the sale. If you experience any issues with the equipment we have sold to your shop, please continue to call us to report the issues you are having. We are dedicated to keeping all of your equipment running smoothly and have maintenance parts for all the equipment we have ever sold. In the event of a manufactures warranty, we have loaner welders for you; our customers to use.

We also have a number of great choices of new Pro Spot products in stock that will have a complete 2-year factory warranty. Please contact us today for blowout specials on the remaining Pro Spot new inventory.

Please see the list below for blow out specials on remaining Pro Spot new inventory:


  • I4s - Spot Welder
  • SP-5DP - MIG Welder
  • AL-5 - Aluminum Dent Puller
  • SP-1 - MIG Welder
  • PR-205 - MIG Welder
  • NP-3 - Plastic Welder
  • Glue Kit
  • PR-112 - Plasma cutter
  • PHS-101 - Hybrid Spot Welder
  • FE-110 - Fume Extractor
  • HSW-200 - Hot Staple Welder
  • PP-22 - Pro Pull Complete
  • PR-30P - Plasma Cutter
  • Henrob Upgrade Kits
  • PS-600 - High Squeeze pressure upgrade kit
  • PRO-STAT - Anti-Static Gun
  • PR-PA20 - Blind Rivet Adapter for PR-5 gun

Former New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania’s #1 Pro Spot International Distributor

We were New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania’s leading distributor of Pro Spot International equipment from 2013 until 2019. In 2014, 2016 and 2018 we were awarded the Distributor Of The Year Award for Pro Spot. In 2014 we more than doubled the best retail year Pro Spot ever had in our territory. In 2015, 2017, and 2019 we received Awards of Excellence and Eastern Regional Sales awards. Our team has enjoyed our longstanding relationship with Pro Spot that traces all the way back to when they released their first resistance spot welder before the year 2000! 

This enduring partnership with Pro Spot has ended this year in 2021, but the knowledge we have from the years of distribution has equipped our team with a wealth of advanced knowledge and experience with their products. If you are looking for used Pro Spot welders, or you need service on your current products, we will make your experience as seamless and friction-free as possible. 

The Pro Spot Used Equipment Line

The Pro Spot Used equipment includes:

  • Resistance spot welders
  • Pro Spot silicon bronze welders
  • Pro Spot welder i4s
  • Pro Spot SP5
  • Dent pullers and aluminum steel dent repair systems
  • Pulse MIG welders
  • Riveters
  • Dust-free sanding systems
  • Fume extraction equipment
  • Plastic repair solutions

Former New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania’s #1 Pro Spot International Distributor

Innovative Solutions & Technology has always brought the best products we can to our customers. We strive to sell the most technician-friendly, reliable equipment possible. To accomplish this, we continue to analyze our industry and market as it is constantly changing for new products. Just as our industry changes; so do equipment manufacturers. Manufactures products, quality, reliability, support, and policies are something that always needs to be checked and evaluated so we know we are doing the best for your company and ours as well.

We are proud to introduce the entire product line of GYS to Innovative Solutions & Technology. The addition of GYS will expand the reach of Innovative Solutions & Technology to better serve the needs of our customers.

GYS is a company that has been in business for 56 years built around continuous investment in R&D. Their products are made in a 590,000 square foot factory and they have over 700 employees worldwide! GYS is more than just a welding brand, please take a look here for information about what GYS offers. Also, see this video of the impressive headquarters of GYS.

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GYS brings so much to our current lineup, such as more OEM approvals, manufacturing all under one roof, they offer value across their entire product line, knowledgeable management of our industry, and GYS as a company understands the important need for proper distribution for sustainability for the future for their own brand, our success, and all of our customers' success with GYS products.

Please see below a statement from the C.E.O. of GYS. This is a company looking to do the right thing and a company that we believe has excellent products. We look forward to earning your business where we can with what GYS has to offer.

"The market realities are constantly changing and the size of our family business requires us to quickly adapt to new contexts and challenges. We are convinced that our future is closely linked to the future of our partners. This is why we do everything in our power to understand what distributors and users expect from us and what challenges they face every day. To support them in facing these challenges, we wish to become and remain their privileged partner on the path we will travel together."

Bruno Bouygues,

Innovative Solutions & Technology will continue to bring the same service, support, and training we have in the past. It is our vision and always has been to give you; our customer, the best value by taking care of training and support of our products after the sale. If you own a GYS piece of equipment now and need support, we invite you to get in touch with us so we can work with you to move forward and better understand your GYS products and investments.