Pro Spot PS-600 Upgrade Kit Complete

Product Name: Used & Reconditioned Pro Spot PS-600 Upgrade Kit Complete_00001939

Rating: Better than New

Description: This PS-600 from Pro Spot International is designed and marketed as a high squeeze pressure double sided weld gun for upgrading to meet the standards of many OEM programs for the Pro Spot Spot Welders PR-2000, the hybrid spot, also know as the PHS-101, the PHS-100 and the i4 Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welders. We call this baby better than new because many of these guns were plagued with air leaking issues when new, and this particular PS-600 has had the new rear puck put into place from one of Pro Spots revisions of this part. This will make a great home for any one of Pro Spots older units that needs to meet the needs for programs like Honda or Subaru, and more.

Sale Price: You can own this for less than half of regular retail price of a PS-600 Upgrade Kit, and we will put in new electrodes and caps as well, give us a call at 973-348-9490 ask for Ron Swanson.