Pro Spot PR-2000 Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welder

Product Name: Pro Spot PR-2000 Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welder_00001982

Rating: Excellent

Description: Here we have a freshly refurbished Pro Spot PR-2000 Spot Welder. This unit was gone over from top to bottom, cleaned up internally and refreshed with all new electrodes, as well as rebuilds to the C to X adapter, and Double-Sided Weld Gun. Welder is tested and making awesome spot welds. Fan filters were also replaced during the refurbishment. This will make a great addition to any shop looking for another machine or a first welder for a new shop or even for home, as this will work on single phase if needed.

Sale Price: We will delivery anywhere and even provide training locally or over zoom training as well. Call us for pricing at 973-348-9490 ask for Ronnie Swanson who is here and ready to answer your questions.