Pro Spot PR-2000

Product Name: Refurbished Pro Spot PR-2000 Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welder_1656

Rating: Great

Description:  This PR-2000 is sold with the LED style display screen. Machine is now fully refurbished with a Pro Spot PS-500 double sided gun. We took this in on a trade-in for a new GYS PTI.G spot welder. While this was in we also cleaned and detailed the full inside of this unit, replaced all the electrodes and caps on every arm. This has a standard arm, a 500mm arm, a new style wheelhouse arm, and an optional C to X adapter arm, all included. All arms are in good shape, there are extra caps for every arm, and pipe vice grips to easily change caps. This makes beautiful welds and cables are in great shape. We can sell this one anywhere and we own this one at a great price, which means you can own it at a great price and you can expect years of great production out of this Pro Spot PR-2000.

Sale Price: Call us for pricing, you can own this at a great price for what this machine is. When you call make sure to ask for Ron Swanson who is here to answer any of your questions 973-348-9490.