Pro Spot PR-2000

Product Name: Refurbished Pro Spot PR-2000 Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welder_1996

Rating: Good

Description: This PR-2000 is in good shape with i4 style cables, since it has the LED display this most likely means at some point it was upgraded by the manufacturer. This upgrade is great news for the buyer as this means everything internally on the unit is newer style. While machine was in for refurbishment, we replaced the entire double-sided gun and cables with a set from a cadaver unit which had much better shape double sided cables. The single sided gun cables were in bad shape, we also replaced them with a set of used from the same cadaver unit. Machine is fully functional and just like all Pro Spot PR-2000’s its weld nuggets and performance is amazing. You will not be disappointed with what this machine can do. Only thing worth pointing out is that the plastic over the screen for the LED display is missing, we have never seen this before. It does not affect the functionality or the display itself they all work as they should, just the plastic screen is missing and could most likely be purchased from the manufacturer if you really wanted to replace it. While this unit was in we also gave it a great cleaning, replaced the electrodes all around and even left extras in the top tray for your first round of replacements. New packs of female and male caps are also in the tray as well as new pipe vice grips for easy cap and electrode replacement. Shunt pliers are included and a new set of single sided spot hammer tips. This also has an optional C to X adapter with it and this was also gone over, taken apart and replacement of the washers was performed so that this will feel and act like new. On the single sided gun we put on a thumbscrew to go away from the manufacturers allen screw that was sold with the machine. We also replaced the air regulator in the front of the machine with a used one because we heard a slight air leak. Arms are good and line up very well, some of the larger ones have flaking on the powder coating which is normal for a product from this manufacturer. You will also get the 300mm arm with this unit when buying it which is also an optional arm, see photos!   We can sell this one anywhere and we own this one at a great price, which means you can own it at a great price and you can expect years of great production out of this Pro Spot PR-2000.

Sale Price: Call us for pricing, you can own this at a great price for what this machine is. When you call make sure to ask for Ron Swanson who is here to answer any of your questions 973-348-9490.