Pro Spot i5

Product Name: Refurbished Pro Spot i5 Spot Welder_13511

Rating: Excellent

Description:  This Pro Spot i5 Squeeze Type Resistance Spot welder is like new. The packing tape is still on the wheels and legs of the unit. This was purchased back in 2019 to appease the OEM requirements from a specific manufacturer. The customer had other welders in the shop and used those welders and this unit sat in a corner not being used that much because unfortunately, the OEM program, like many of them, did not produce much work as promised by dealers and those pushing OEM certification. The customer decided to buy the GYS PTI.G Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welder to replace this Pro Spot i5. This is your opportunity to get a Pro Spot i5 for a great value! This will ship with an optional C to X adapter, the standard arm, wheel house arm and the 500mm arm. This will also come with many accessories and extra caps. All arms have new electrodes and caps as needed. When this ships or gets delivered it just needs to be plugged in and it will be good to make years of quality spot welds.

Sale Price: This can be delivered anywhere on the planet, call us for pricing at 973-348-9490 ask for Joran Swanson who will be here to answer any questions you may have.