Pro Spot i4s

Product Name: Reconditioned Pro Spot i4s_00002353

Rating: Great

Description: This i4s was just traded in for a brand new GYS PTI.G. This unit is your chance to get a Pro Spot i4s for a great price. While in the warehouse, we completed a nice refurbishment by replacing electrodes as needed. We tested and realigned everything on the double-sided gun and gave a good cleaning to the entire unit. This unit will also be coming with the optional C to X adapter, the standard arm, 500mm arm and the wheelhouse arm. All arms were gone over and realigned while in for refurbishment. This unit will have extra O-rings, pipe vice grips for changing caps, wrenches needed to change electrodes as well as a tip dresser, shunt pliers, extra weld caps and slide hammer tips. We will ship anywhere on the planet and will also provide initial training, via zoom, after the welder is received. We can also provide financing for anyone who would be interested in this service. If you are looking to save thousands on a Pro Spot i4s this is the unit for you, it is in such great shape for what this is! Give us a call today.

Sale Price: Please call us at 973-348-9490 for pricing and shipping information.