Pro Spot i4

Product Name: Refurbished Pro Spot i4 Spot Welder_6724

Rating: Great

Description: This spot welder, a Pro Spot i4, was recently brought in for scheduled maintenance / service. It never left our building because the customer ended up purchasing a brand new GYS PTI.G resistance spot welder. All of the work was already done on this i4 and we ended up taking it in as a trade for the new welder deal. This welder has had the works thrown at it. It has a brand-new double-sided refurb gun with all new seals, this process includes stripping the gun down to just the housing which is then put into a lathe to remove imperfections on the outside and then refinished with a premium cerakoat product that will greatly outlast the factory finish. The rebuild on the double sided gun also includes all new internals, new nose cone, new main shaft, new water coolant lines, it is lubed and retooled by our professionals here at Innovative Solutions and Technology. This welder also has a brand-new water pump installed, updated parts into the single sided accessory case, the double tapered shaft on the C to X adapter has been replaced, we put in new electrode pliers for easy change of caps, and new shunting pliers. All electrodes have been replaced with brand new electrodes and for many of them we have in tubes extra electrodes for future use all stored in the top tray of this welder. There is a new tube of both female and male caps, and every electrode has new caps on them as well. On the single sided gun, the factory allen screw was replaced with the thumbscrew making it more technician friendly, and the fan filters were replaced. We also gave this welder a internal cleaning and we improved the plug connection, this will ship with a 15-60P Hubbell plug. This welds great and everything is 100% functional and all arms are lined up. This welder is ready to head to a new shop, and it is ready to be put to work without having to buy anything else to get going.

Sale Price: Give Ryan Olsson a call here at Innovative Solutions 973.348.9490 for pricing and shipping quotes for this welder or any other of our refurbished offerings.  Ryan can also help with training of the welder should it be needed via zoom, and we are prepared to have this shipped anywhere on the planet.