Pro Spot i4

Product Name: Pro Spot i4 Spot Welder_5905

Rating: Great

Description:  This i4 was taken in on a trade for a new GYS PTI.G Spot Welder. This squeeze type resistance spot welder was manufactured by Pro Spot International.  While it was in for refurbishment, we took the top off and gave all of the internals an air bath to get all of the dust off. This thing is very clean inside, the screen had a lot of lines through it so we replaced the whole screen with a brand new one. The double sided gun is in great shape so we just replaced a few screws and re-routed some of the wires from where an authorized Pro Spot service center had left them, this way there will be no issues with the retracting and hitting those wires. Shunt clamps were also added to this unit.  We also put new electrodes across the board on this unit and lined up the arms perfectly. This unit comes with the standard 80mm arm, the 500mm arm, the wheelhouse arm and the optional C to X adapter. Take a look at the photos to see the great condition this is in. The 8mm thumbscrew was upgraded and new fan filters were also put on this beast.  For the single sided gun we put in a new set of spot hammer tips as well.  This will make a great unit with a lot of life left to it for one lucky shop or individual!!

Sale Price: Give us a call at 973-348-9490 ask for our refurbished equipment manager Ryan Olsson who is here to answer any questions you may have. Ryan will also provide you with financing options should you want to buy this by putting money down. We will ship anywhere on planet Earth and provide you with training over the internet via a zoom meeting. Ryan will go over pricing as well as shipping costs directly to your shop.