Pro Spot i4

Product Name: Pro Spot i4 Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welder_6541

Rating: Good

Description: This recently traded in Pro Spot i4 is refurbished and ready for a new home. This is a high mileage unit that we fine tuned to turn around and be shop ready. While in we realigned every arm, put in new electrodes as needed, we even put the spare electrodes in the top tray for just about every arm, this way the new owner is set for the first round of replacement electrodes before having to buy more.  This unit comes with the standard arm, the 500mm arm, the newer style wheelhouse arm, and the optional C to X adapter. We replaced the fan filters, put in a set of electrode pliers to assist in changing electrodes and caps, new shunt pliers, pack of new male caps and a pack of new female caps. The entire unit has been gone over and cleaned up. While this unit is definitely used, there is a ton of life left on it. The welds are strong, and all of the diodes measure well internally on the unit.  Please give us a call with any questions, this is our lowest priced i4 that has ever been refurbished through the best here at Innovative Solutions and Technology.

Sale Price: Give us a call at 973-348-9490 ask for our refurbished equipment manager Ryan Olsson who is here to answer any questions you may have. Ryan will also provide you with financing options should you want to buy this by putting money down. We will ship anywhere on planet Earth and provide you with training over the internet via a zoom meeting. Ryan will go over pricing as well as shipping costs directly to your shop.