Pro Spot i4

Product Name: Refurbished Pro Spot i4 Spot Welder_5562

Rating: Good

Description: This refurbished i4 is ready for a new home. While in we replaced every electrode and realigned the arm and main double sided gun. Everything works great, this will come with a 500mm arm, the standard 80mm arm, a new style wheel house arm and an optional C to X adapter. We also added for convenience, new electrode pliers and a shunt clamp, as well as new spot hammer tips for the single sided gun. New male and Female caps have been added as well – This unit does not need any work it is ready to be plugged in and make spot welds.

Sale Price: This can be delivered anywhere on the planet, call us for pricing at 973-348-9490 ask for Joran Swanson who will be here to answer any questions you may have.