Pro Spot i4

Product Name: Refurbished Pro Spot i4 Spot Welder – With High Pressure Gun in great shape_5582

Rating: Excellent

Description: This refurbished i4 is a unit with a High Pressure double sided gun. This was developed so that the Pro Spot i4 could meet OEM requirements for Honda. This unit is very clean. We went ahead and put all new electrodes, accessories, and rebuilt the optional C to X adapter which also comes with this unit. We cleaned out the internals of the unit and put in new fan filters. The electrodes and caps were updated with new, and we cleaned up everything external on the welder. This will make a great unit for any production shop and is now 100% ready for sale.

Sale Price:  This can be delivered anywhere on the planet, call us for pricing at 973-348-9490 ask for Joran Swanson who will be here to answer any questions you may have.