Mig-Welding Systems


AUTOPULSE 220-M3 is the MIG / MAG pulse generator with 3 integrated wire feeders ideal for car body repairers. Equipped with a digital PFC (Power Factor Correction) the Autopulse supplies pulsed welding quality comparable to three-phase products. Designed for the highest performance the 220-M3 features several synergic curves which enable exceptional arc quality. The Autopulse 220-M3 is incredibly versatile, 3 welding torches for use with multiple materials including Steel, Aluminium, and Brazing (CuSi3/CuAl8) increase productivity for the modern-day workshop. The intuitive interface and high precision wire feed are ideal for car-body applications with exceptional welding quality even when used with thin sheet materials.

Autopulse Mig Welding Equipment

Single-phase power supply + PFC (Power Factor Correction)

Numerical technology
for improved processing speed

New color display
with 3 levels of interface

57 synergy settings
for a large choice of combinations

Dedicated compartment
to keep the aluminum reel separate

Supplied with 3 torches

Steel, Aluminium, and Copper-Silicon

Front Panel

The Autopulse 220-M3 features a color LCD screen and an easy-to-operate front panel that makes the user experience straightforward with fast turn knobs and access buttons indicating functions on the machine. It features 3 interface options for ease of use; EASY (simplified module), EXPERT (complete module), and ADVANCED (specific modules).

Large LCD Display

Large LCD Display

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Right screen adjustment knob

Right screen adjustment knob

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-Adjustment wheel left screen

Adjustment wheel left screen

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Access buttons

Access buttons to the various menus and parameters

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More Screen Examples

Auto Torch Detection

Simply pick up the appropriate torch for the base metal you want to weld and pull the trigger — the Autopulse 220-M3 will automatically switch the welding program and synergic curve — no need to change wire spools or shielding gas.

Autopulse 220-m3 torches-2


Mig Welding
Preprogrammed synergic curves maintain optimal arc stability and weld quality.