How the AIR2 SAN Can Help Prevent Sickness During Cold and Flu Season

Are you wondering how to prevent a cold or flu from spreading around your business this winter?

Adults suffer, on average, from two to three colds per year. While a simple cold might not be life-threatening, it can affect your ability to function for as much as seven to ten days.

This doesn’t account for the risks associated with flu season and the ongoing Covid pandemic. 

If you’re like most adults, the idea of getting sick or being exposed to illness at work is frustrating and something you’ll do anything for in order to avoid. 

One option to safely prevent sickness in a wide variety of workplaces is the AIR2 SAN system. Read on to learn more about how this high-quality commercial air sanitizer helps prevent sickness for you this cold and flu season.

What Is AIR2 SAN?

TEXA has created the AIR2 SAN, which uses revolutionary technology when cleaning and sanitizing. 

The system is different for several reasons. Some air sanitizers will blast out ozone to clean the air without controlled levels. The AIR2 SAN actually reads the air by detecting ozone density, temperature, and air humidity with sensors. 

Then it adjusts accordingly for maximum sanitation and works in preventing illness. 

How It Works

Air2 San: a Commercial Air Sanitizer

The AIR2 SAN uses Bluetooth technology in the ozone generator. When set up in your auto shop, you can easily connect with the ozone generator through a remote control and the AIR2 SAN app.

When operational, phase one uses ozone density, temperature, and air humidity sensors to calculate and achieve ideal ozone levels. These are used to sanitize the work environment. Its controls help avoid high levels of gasses that could damage vehicles in the shop.

During phase 2, the microprocessor maintains the ozone levels so the unit can work to achieve proper sanitation.

During the final phase of sanitation, the AIR2 SAN unit will then take the ozone in the air and quickly convert it back to oxygen so it won’t be harmful to humans, who can then re-enter the sanitized work environment in no time.

AIR2 SAN Features

As you consider a commercial air sanitizer for your shop, you want to know that it will not only be effective but will also be simple and convenient to use. 

The AIR2 SAN has several important features worth noting as you consider this investment. These include:

  • Using the sanitizer is an entirely automated process
  • The system contains a dust filter and an O² catalyst
  • Standard sensors for ozone, temperature, and humidity
  • Ozone to oxygen conversion at the end of the sanitization process
  • Compatibility with AXONE NEMO 2 in an automotive shop

Once the unit has run a sanitization cycle, it also provides a printable service report for the user to analyze and document the process. 

Prevent Sickness in Your Shop

Whether it’s cold season, the flu, or Covid, nobody wants to pick up a germ or virus at work that will keep them down and out for days. Use the AIR2 SAN to safely prevent sickness this season.

To learn more about AIR2 SAN and how it can help keep your shop healthy, contact us today.