Product Name: Used GYS PTI.S7_2583

Rating: Great

Description:  This GYS PTI.S7 welder is used, but can perform like the newer models. This welder is in great shape and was taken care of. As tested, it is a good spot welder and is also a dent puller, it's like having two machines in one. Great machine for your first welder or to add to your shop's inventory.  It comes with a C1 arm , C3 ( medium "C" arm), C9 ( large "C" arm) good for body end panels and quarters, and a C11 "X" arm, and a C6 well house arm. This welder also comes with the dent pulling attachment , and ground. A supply of star tips that will last a long time. Vice grips to change the caps, shunting pliers, a supply of caps for all the arms have been included with this welder. It also has a new boom and retractor. This unit has the original owners manual for reference. You couldn't ask for anything more.

Sale Price: Please call us at 973-348-9490 for pricing and shipping information.