Innovative Solutions’ Guide to the AIR2 SAN

We all know that sanitation against bacteria and viruses is important. In fact, in 2020, more than 4.2 billion people used a safely managed sanitation service. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more essential that you keep all environments clean. 

Luckily, there is an easy and innovative solution! 

The AIR2 SAN is the ultimate sanitation technology. Developed by TEXA, it works in a variety of environments, making it a must-have for all indoor spaces.

If you are in need of an effective sanitizing solution, then read on for Innovative Solutions‘ guide to the AIR2 SAN.

An Innovative Solution for Sanitation

The AIR2 SAN is the fastest, most efficient sanitation product on the market.

It has an easy-to-use, portable design and it features a 12v power supply to use in cigarette lighter sockets and an optional outlet plug. This makes it ideal for many different spaces, such as inside vehicles, offices, public spaces, gyms, and even in mass transit such as buses and planes. Those already using an AXONE Nemo in a mechanical workshop can also seamlessly integrate with the AIR2 SAN.

But what makes the AIR2 SAN so special?

ISAT'S Guide to the AIR2 SAN

Other sanitation technologies have used basic timer systems. This doesn’t get the best results, as it doesn’t best optimize the amount of sanitizing solution in the environment. This means that the sanitized environment would need airing afterward because it doesn’t turn the ozone back into air..

The AIR2 San adjusts sanitation to avoid excess and converts O3 (ozone) into O2 (oxygen) making the environment totally safe after the sanitation process.  

The AIR2 SAN can be used totally remotely through a free mobile app. This both removes risk to the operator and also is designed to be extremely convenient as you can set the machine and then leave it to sanitize.

The app shows you the progress of the operation, statistics on the space being sanitized and time remaining. It also generates a sanitation report PDF, so that you can easily share or print it to certify correct sanitization. 

Made using high-quality stainless steel, the AIR2 SAN is built to last. The inbuilt Dust Filter also extends its working life by protecting the ozone generator and eliminating any risk of accidental nitric acid production.

Three-Step Virus Elimination

The AIR2 SAN features a superior three-phase virus elimination process.

During Phase 1, the AIR2 SAN sensors calculate the right amount of ozone needed, based on temperature, air humidity, and ozone density. Avoiding any excess is important so it doesn’t damage any furnishings, vehicles, or machinery. 

During phase 2 of sanitation, the AIR2 SAN microprocessor stabilizes the best amount of ozone to eliminate viruses, molds, fungi, and bacteria to a medical standard of 99.9%. It calculates the right amount of time required for proper sanitation.

Finally, in phase 3, ozone is rapidly converted into oxygen, which reduces any lingering ozone to an amount that is not harmful to humans. This speedy conversion means that you can return to the space immediately without risk.

The time it takes to complete full sanitation can vary depending on the environment. A standard SUV car sanitation would take 20-30 minutes and up to 1 hour for a 100 sq ft room. 

A Smooth Operation

The AIR2 SAN is the perfect solution to sanitize any general workplace or vehicle. With its unique features, it is the only sanitation model on the market offering such thorough and safe results. 

If you’re ready to take your sanitation to the next level, then contact Innovative about the AIR2 SAN today. It is an innovative sanitation solution that just makes sense.