Frame Alignment Equipment


The Chisum Workhorse is your essential drive on collision repair system. There has been a great deal of effort placed on the design and manufacturing of the Workhorse to be your go to drive on bench for any car, SUV or heavy-duty truck. The Workhorse improves on and surpasses all other bench-style frame racks on the market – from holding, lifting, anchoring, and measuring – to diagnostics and repair to final check and documentation. It has been developed and tested to meet rigorous safety requirements and is a crucial piece of equipment for any shop. If you’re looking to take on more business, the Chisum Workhorse Bench-Style Frame Rack is your path to reap greater productivity and profits for years to come.



Chisum Workhorse removable ramps not only allow for great access to the vehicle -- they come standard wider than the competitors, at a width of 92". A heavy-duty truck or SUV will fit on the Workhorse with ease.

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We designed the mounting arms wider, allowing the clamping of a wide uni body-constructed vehicle without the need of inverting the bench chassis clamps. The top of the arms, and the mounting service, are milled to tolerances that are measured in + or - 0.15 mm.

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The Workhorse comes in two sizes to choose from: 19 feet and 16.5 feet. Repairing any car, SUV or light truck is simple on the Workhorse 19-foot model.

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The Chisum Workhorse has been in development for 4 years and is truly a global concept. Materials and assembly have covered nearly every continent of the world.

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The Workhorse will lift an incredible 10,200 lbs., meeting the demand of many OEM requirements today. The entire lift is constructed with WL510 steel material. The lift arms are composed of two CNC pieces leading to virtually zero deviation. The lift is then heat-treated to remove internal stresses and toughen the steel. This effort is done on every single Workhorse produced and is one of the reasons for the extortionary lifting capacity of the rack.

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An industry first in workplace safety, the Workhorse power unit will lift itself out of a locked position when pressing the down button on the pendant or on the power unit itself.

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The construction of the Workhorse allows it to be compatible with bench accessories from leading manufacturers like Snap-On, UnoLiner and Car-o-Liner.

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Add as many pull towers as needed to get the job done. The Workhorse is designed to perform multiple pulls simultaneously and at 360-degrees around the bench. 10 Tons of pulling power on each pull tower, with a down pull attachment built directly into the pull tower, allow for better down pulling angles for the repair.

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The entire structure of the bench is factory shot-blasted, followed by a process of electrophoresis that helps with cleaning and degreasing and creates an etched rust-free surface that is ideal for the powder-coating process that follows.

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Chisum Challenger


The Chisum Challenger is the world's #1 drive-on frame machine with a precision-milled deck. After fabrication, each Challenger mainframe spends 48 hours running through a computer-controlled milling machine. This process eliminates any distortion in the steel and ensures that the entire mainframe is 100% true, both end-toned and side-to-side, including all crossmembers.

The Chisum Challenger is guaranteed to be accurate and delivers the flattest surface in the industry from which to measure. Plus, it has a phenomenal finished appearance that captivates all who see it. No need to pinch yourself! Simply adjust this perfect pulling surface to a comfortable working height, and you're ready to produce more accurate repairs than ever before.


  • Legendary Lavell Chisum telescoping tower heads
  • Famous 10-ton towers
  • Adjustable collar for easy positioning
  • Convenient storage location for each tower pin
  • True 360-degree pulling power
Telescoping Tower Heads

Telescoping tower heads

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Famous 10 Ton Round Towers

Famous 10 ton round towers

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9.2 Tons of Pulling Power

Enormous 9.2 tons of pulling power at the hook

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Jack Beam

Sliding/removable jacking beam

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Liquid Filled Gauges

Custom-designed, easy-to-read, liquid-filled gauges

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Pin Storage

Convenient storage location for each tower pin and tower bolt

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Adjustable collar

Adjustable collar for easy positioning

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tower 360

Towers can be secured 360º, every inch

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removable crossmembers

Front and rear removable cross members provide easy vehicle access

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228 Steel

228 steel-reinforced tie-down pockets provide unlimited holding options

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Perfectly smooth, precision-milled deck provides the flattest surface in the industry

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Adjustable height

Fully adjustable working height

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Roller Bearings

Eight industrial strength roller bearings provide near effortless tower movement

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