Everything to Know About the GYSpot ALU Pro FV

If you work in automotive repair, you know how important precision and efficiency are. Completing a job well and returning the vehicle quickly translates to more satisfied customers and a more successful business. 

This is where the GYSpot ALU PRO FV professional aluminum dent pulling system comes in. It allows you to repair rather than replace aluminum panels for faster turn-around times.

Keep reading to learn more about this innovative product. This article will tell you everything you need to know and how your collision center or body shop may benefit from the GYSpot ALU PRO FV.

GYSpot ALU Pro FV Basics

GYS is one of the most prominent manufacturers of welding machines and accessories. It is renowned for making quality equipment for everything from basic maintenance and report to the most advanced applications in the industry.

The GYSpot ALU Pro FV is designed specifically for aluminum. It is suitable for repairing small, medium, and large dents.

It uses M4 studs, which allow you to avoid impacts that warrant paint stripping afterward. You can set voltage anywhere between 50 and 200 volts. It works with both 110- and 220-volt electrical outlets.

The ALU PRO FV comes with a mobile cart and storage box for convenient positioning and easy stowing. The product comes with 200 ALMg3 M4 and 200 ALSi3 M4 aluminum studs. It also comes with six pull rings, four lifting rods, a leverage bar, and a weld key pulling handle.

For this caliber machine, the GYS ALU Pro is very affordable and priced lower than most devices with similar performance capacity.

Ease of Use and Safety

The ALU PRO FV is very easy to set up and operate. It has a digital display that allows you to control the microprocessor.

The welding gun does not use a trigger; welding commences automatically when the tip presses into the gun. Three brass rods surround the tip for improved stabilization.

The studs stick to the panels better than many dent pullers for faster repair. Earth terminal contacts are integrated into the device, so you can avoid the hassle of setting this up and not have to worry about safety from a lack of grounding.

Increased Efficiency

The ALU PRO FV has extremely fast welding capabilities (3 milliseconds) from a 600-millifarad capacitor. Apart from performance, the big advantage of this system is that you can avoid removing the panel from the vehicle. 

Ordering new panels can take a long time. Supply-chain shortages have only exacerbated delays associated with shipping and receiving components. And panel replacement itself is very time-consuming, which means increased labor.

The ALU PRO FV allows you to repair aluminum panels on an intact vehicle. There is no need to spend time on disassembly and reassembly. This results in happier customers but also can save you hours in labor costs that would otherwise be spent on panel replacement.

Learn More About the GYS ALU PRO FV

Now that you understand the basics of the GYSpot ALU Pro FV and the advantages it offers, you can see that it is the right choice for your body shop or collision center. It can help you increase your turn-round time while avoiding the hassle and delays associated with panel replacement.

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