European Vacation


September 2022

Innovative Solutions and Technology received an invitation to the GYS Headquarters and Logistics Center in Laval, France, about a 1-hour train ride southwest of Paris. It just happened to be the week before the industry giant Automechanika trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. And so, the whole sales team from Innovative planned our European Tour to the GYS Welding Factory and the amazing Automechanika trade show. 

To say we were amazed with the GYS portion of this trip would be an understatement. We were first introduced to the logistics facility which stands alone separate from the manufacturing plant. To give an idea of how large of an operation that GYS is you need to look no further than the fact that the manufacturing plant alone in Laval is over 590,000 square feet and employs 950 people. With GYS partnership locations in 4 other countries, GYS employs another 250+ individuals directly throughout the 125 countries that their products are distributed in.

The tooling and investment that GYS experts put into the future of products and development of new projects is impressive. As an authorized distributor, Innovative Solutions and Technology could not be prouder to represent these superior products. During our visit to GYS the team also spent time at the GYS Academy and learned many new tips on current products, OEM Partner updates and valuable information.  We explored a range of new technologies and solutions that we cannot wait to offer and show our customers.

The second leg of this trip was a two-day visit to the Automechanika trade show. Automechanika Frankfurt is the leading platform for the automotive industry where strategic discussions are held at the highest level. Fair to say the size of the trade show event and the amount of exhibitors was absolutely mind blowing. This show hosted over 78,000 visitors from 175 countries.

Please take a moment to watch and enjoy some of our highlights from the GYS Welding factory visit in France, our time in Paris, and our time in Germany and Automechanika. We like to look back on this trip as our own “European Vacation”.