The ERGO LIFT 1000 ROLL is the compact, innovative solution for your collision repair facility to lift and move vehicles. It can lift vehicles up to 2.5 Tons and operates solely on compressed air. Ideal for use in shops and garages where space is limited, and lift mobility is valued.


  • Extremely compact
    • Sits 4” above the ground in its lowest position and can fit under all vehicle types
  • Adjustable height
    • Technicians can work in a sitting or standing position.
    • Max height is 37” to stand and work comfortably.
  • Easily Maneuverable
    • Comes with 4 clip-on wheels that can convert the lift into a complete car dolly.
  • Manage a heavy load capacity
    • Load capacity of 2.5 T (5500 lbs.), factory tested to 3.8 T.
  • Emergency stop feature
    • In case of emergency, to stop the lift from ascending or descending, disconnect the hydropneumatics pump from the air network. The load will stop moving and remain in a locked position.
  • Designed to accept a reversible load
  • Compatible with all passenger vehicles


Maintenance Task Regularly Yearly Every 5 years
Check and clean all moving parts
Check functionality of the locking system for the 4 support elements
Check presence of the mechanical stops for the pad supports
Check the condition of the hydraulic link
Check the hydraulic oil level
Carry out a visual check of the framework
Perform a no-load lift along the full stroke of the machine
Full safety check to be performed by factory trained technician
Replace Hydraulic hose
Oil Change


If you are interested in upgrading your shop to include an Ergo Lift 1000 Roll
please contact us or call 973-348-9490.