Auto Body Shop Equipment List

Owning and running a profitable auto body repair shop is no easy task. We here at Innovative Solutions & Technology understand how difficult it can be to choose what services you should offer your customers and what major equipment to purchase at setup.

We have compiled the following auto body shop equipment list of various equipment we recommend purchasing for your auto body and collision repair services below.


A reliable air compressor is necessary to operate many types of tools including pneumatic hand tools and auto lifts. It is important to invest in the highest capacity needed (ex: 60 or 120 gallon compressor) in order to be sure you have the power to feed your shop.


Raising a vehicle (in height) is an important part of the automotive repair process. Investing in a high-quality, high-capacity jack is important to support a vehicle once it has been elevated. Pole jacks are also useful to support axles and other components of the vehicle when auto body repair work is being completed.


Changing auto oil and transmission fluid requires an oil drain and caddy based on your shop size and capacity. If you have a large shop with multiple lifts, there are standing oil caddies that can reach the raised vehicles to increase speed and efficiency.


A working battery charger and jumper is essential for correcting battery and car charging issues.


When working in major collision repair, it is necessary to have an engine hoist to remove the car engine for repairs, rebuilds or replacements. These come in different capacity sizes so be sure to purchase a large one if you plan to work on commercial vehicles.


A brake lathe may seem unnecessary because it is possible to take rotors or drums to another service for resurfacing but to increase efficiency and time, we recommend ideally purchasing one for your shop. It will easily pay for itself, earning a well deserved spot in your shop. A top-quality name brand will also ensure the availability of replacement parts when needed.


When working on suspension systems or replacing struts, a good strut compressor is needed. This is a great profit source for many auto body collision action solar repair shops.

Innovative Solutions & Technology is a proud distributor of Chisum Collision Repair Equipment, GYS dent repair kitsGYS quality welding systems and more. We offer these various world-class products, training, and support services to auto body repair shops across the tri-state area.

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