Innovative Solutions’ Dust Extraction

Did you know that trying to use a commercial vacuum to clean up aluminum dust can actually increase its risk of combustion?

When working with this flammable material, you need tools that will help you keep your workplace safe and clean for you and your employees. This is where dust extraction systems come in. Unlike vacuums, they work to suck up aluminum dust instantly, trapping the dust right at its source.

But with so many dust extraction solutions on the market, how do you know which one is best suited to meet your needs?

Keep reading to learn a few reasons why the GYSDUST EXTRACTOR is different from other systems on the market.

The GYS Dust Extractor Difference

When you’re sanding aluminum, the air can quickly become filled with aluminum dust. Over time, this dust can cause electronic parts in other dust extraction systems to become less efficient. With an electric motor, this dust buildup poses a fire hazard.

Fortunately, the GYSDUST EXTRACTOR features a completely air-operated system. By using this fully pneumatic, ATEX-certified machine, you’re limiting the number of fire hazards present during dust extraction.

The lack of electric parts also means that you’ll spend less time repairing your machine and more time using it, increasing your efficiency throughout the day. In fact, the only maintenance you need to perform on this machine is changing the vacuum bag when it’s full. Between the energy savings and low repair costs, this extractor is a kind option for your budget.

In comparison to other dust control methods on the market, this extractor creates lower amounts of dust in the air. This leads to a healthier and cleaner environment.

It’s also much quieter than traditional electronic extractors, creating a more comfortable workspace as well as a healthier one. You can even hold a full conversation while using it!

Finally, this extractor is compatible with all popular commercial sanders on the market today. Its adjustable sanding pressure and pressure gauge ensure that you are getting the most efficient work out of your tools without having to purchase a new sander to go with your extractor.

Support When You Need It

You may be wondering, “How much time will I need to set aside to learn how to use this machine? And how knowledgeable do I need to be to service it if it does break?”

Thankfully, we have your back. We provide training support for using the extractor, and we service all the products we sell. When you buy the GYSDUST EXTRACTOR, you’re not only buying an incredible machine; you’re also gaining access to all the handling and care support you need.

Take Your Dust Extraction to the Next Level

This extractor truly is the smart choice for safe, healthy dust extraction. With this product, you’ll save yourself the cost of electricity and repairs, and you’ll rest assured that you’re providing the safest, cleanest environment possible for you and your employees.

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