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Chisum Collision Repair Solutions

Chisum USA continues legendary inventor Lavell Chisum’s legacy for innovating collision repair technology. After introducing the modern frame rack to the industry at the Los Angeles Automotive Equipment Show in 1968, and the profession was forever changed. 


Today, Lavell and Chisum USA continue to build upon his original designs to provide an updated experience for body shop professionals worldwide. 

Chisum Products We Offer:

The Workhorse Bench Frame Rack

The Chisum Workhorse bench is a superior drive-on collision repair system for your shop. Its intensive design and manufacturing processes provide an extremely functional solution that can serve as the go-to option for repairing any car, SUV, or heavy-duty truck. Best of all: The Workhorse has all of your repair needs covered - from safely holding, lifting, and measuring to diagnostics and documentation. 


Investing in the right riveting system now is a really smart way to increase revenue. Your body shop could greatly benefit from the ability to obtain more repair jobs that require riveting work because you own the right equipment. It’s time we take a look at today’s sophisticated riveting systems and see how they can impact your efficiency, productivity, and bottom line.

Why Choose Chisum?

Chisum’s expert craftsmanship offers the best built, highest quality, and most versatile systems on the market. Each solution is designed to handle the ever-changing collision repair technologies of today and tomorrow. 


In response to the evolving needs of today's technicians, Chisum created an upgraded Bench-Style frame machine that better accommodates today’s demands for collision repair technology.


The Workhorse Bench-Style Frame Rack, one of their best-selling products, is designed with the professional needs of automotive technicians in mind. It features quality construction, essential functionality, and working comfort that technicians have never experienced before. Get ready to experience the latest innovation from the original innovator! 

Continuing the Legacy of the Original Innovator

No one else has innovated the collision repair industry with such consistent quality for over 50 years. Lavell continues to bring his vision for a better frame rack to the market with refined products based on his original designs.

Designed with Today’s Technicians in Mind

Both Chisum USA and Lavell himself share a passion for the body shop industry and the countless automotive enthusiasts worldwide. Each product manufactured is designed to evolve with the changing needs that modern collision repair technicians must adapt to on a daily basis. 

Tested for Quality

The best-selling Chisum Workhorse is a superior bench that has been developed over 4 years of intense research, testing and quality assurance. This resulted in an all-around globally constructed product with parts coming from nearly every continent on earth!

Highly Customizable

Each Chisum product you select from features multiple removable and adjustable components to meet your technicians’ exact specifications for the job at hand. Quickly make alterations to your equipment to accommodate various vehicle and tire sizes for greater working comfort and efficiency.

Get Chisum Products Ideal for Your Body Shop

Simply put: Chisum’s Workhorse is the finest frame machine available on the market. It combines a legacy of true automotive innovation with the needs of modern body shop technicians in mind to provide superior performance, comfort, and durability. 


Join the Chisum family today by integrating their solutions with the rest of your body shop equipment today. 


If you are a body shop owner in the NJ, NY, or PA area looking for an easy upgrade for your business with the latest Chisum innovations, contact our team for quotes and more information.