Chief M1200T

Product Name: MI200T Chief / Elektron True Automode Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welder_014145

Rating: Good

Description:  Recently refurbished is this Chief MI200T Automatic spot welder. This was taken in on a trade towards another welder, while it was in we cleaned up the unit and replaced electrodes as needed. We also are selling this with brand new arms for the C1 arm, C2 arm, C3 Arm and C4 arm. The C10 x adapter is also included in the sale of this unit. This is in great shape as you can see from the photos. The block for the arm to the gun has been recently serviced as well. This will make a great unit for any body shop, we can provide shipping to anywhere in the world of this unit and can provide training via zoom for how to use it.

Sale Price:  Give us a call at 973-348-9490 for pricing options, and shipping options. Ask for Ronnie Swanson who will be glad to help you out.