This welder made by Migatronic and sold by Snap-on / Car-o-liner is very lightly used. It is available today for you to purchase. According to Snap-on / Car-o-liner here are some features and benefits of this gem:

  • Protects heat-sensitive metals with auto-pulse technology
  • Saves time with the pre-set welding programs
  • Conveniently adjust the weld setting right from the torch
  • Reliably feeds soft wires such as aluminum, with a precise 4-wheel wire feed system
  • Comfortable accesses hard-to-reach places with adjustable MIG-A twist torch
  • Efficient switch between key materials with the twin wire feed system on CMI™ 273 Twin just a click away
  • Compact design & low weight make it user-friendly, flexible and mobile
  • Energy-saving standby function (15-30W idling) gives less CO2 emission & long component life

Sale Price: $5,900