Unlocking Your Auto Body Repair Potential with the GYS Airfix Draw Aligner


Welcome to a new era of auto body repair. The Airfix Draw Aligner is not just another piece of equipment—it’s an innovative solution designed to revolutionize the way you work. Ease of Use: The Airfix Draw Aligner’s primary purpose is to make any shop location a functional body panel pulling area. Its design facilitates ease…

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Harnessing Efficiency with the GYS Ergo Lift 1000 Roll

Ergo lift

A game-changer has arrived in the realm of auto body repair. The GYS Ergo Lift 1000 Roll is here, revolutionizing repair equipment design and performance. Exceptional Design and Capacity The GYS Ergo Lift 1000 Roll is a standout piece of collision repair equipment in its class, boasting a lifting weight limit that can easily handle…

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