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Why Your Shop Needs a Chisum Workhorse 6

The Chisum Workhorse 6 is designed to meet the growing needs of the car frame rack. Learn more about this new bench rack and what it can do for you. Bigger may not always be better, but most Americans equate it with safer. It’s a big reason vehicles continue to increase in size, with the…


AIR2 SAN for the Hotel Industry: A Brief Guide

What do you know about AIR2 SAN? How can it benefit the hotel industry? Learn what you need to know with this brief guide. Guests in the hotel industry overwhelmingly rate cleanliness as the most important factor when selecting a place to stay. Thus, you must invest in the technology that you need in a…


AIR2 SAN for the Transportation Industry

AIR2 SAN is the ideal cleaning solution for buses, trains, trucks, and more. Learn more about the benefits of AIR2 SAN for the transportation industry here. Travel continues to rebound in America, with more than 39 million people hitting the road in some fashion during a recent holiday weekend. From rental cars to airplanes, that…


How the AIR2 SAN Can Help Your Business

Are you looking for an air sanitizing solution for your business?  The Covid-19 pandemic has spurred innovations in air sanitizing solutions. Besides viruses, these devices can eliminate airborne allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants. This, along with other precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, can help keep your office safe from Covid-19…


Why You Need a GYS MIG Welder

The GYS MIG Welder also called the AUTOPULSE 220-M3 is a MIG / MAG pulsed generator with 3 integrated wire feeders ideal for autobody repairers. There’s no better option than a GYS MIG welder. We explain the reasons why in this guide. Despite the process being around three thousand years old, welding is still undergoing…

The Riveting Revolution | Part 2

COLLISION CONVERSATIONS A forum where we talk shop about state-of-the-art collision repair technologies THE RIVETING REVOLUTION Part 2… ALL RIVETS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL In our first article on riveting, The Riveting Revolution, we talked about how OEMs have placed an increased importance on the riveting process in the manufacturing of new cars because they…


Autel ADAS Guide

The majority of automotive accidents are the result of human error. Many accidents are avoided when cars have an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). According to Fortune Business Insights, the ADAS global market size has a value of $27.29 billion U.S. in 2020. The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is predicted at 11.4% until 2028.…

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What Makes the New GYS Innovative Dust Extraction System Unique?

Particle exposure is one of the leading occupational hazards for auto body repair technicians.  Effective dust extraction is vital for maintaining a safe and clean work environment, but choosing the right dust extraction system can be challenging. Dust extraction systems typically cost a few thousand dollars, and many are cumbersome to operate.  Is your dust…


Innovative Solutions’ Guide to the AIR2 SAN

The Air2 SAN is the ultimate sanitation technology. Developed by TEXA, it works in a variety of environments, making it a must-have for all indoor spaces.


Innovative Solutions’ Dust Extraction

Did you know that trying to use a commercial vacuum to clean up aluminum dust can actually increase its risk of combustion? When working with this flammable material, you need tools that will help you keep your workplace safe and clean for you and your employees. This is where dust extraction systems come in. Unlike…