All About the GYSpot Inverter BP.LG

The GYSpot inverter is a cutting edge tool in auto repair. Learn everything about the GYSpot inverter BP.LG and why it’s the spot welder you need.

Every year, there are around 5 million police-reported car accidents. While some crashes are bad enough to total vehicles completely, others are minor fender benders that require repairs from an auto body shop.

As a body shop owner, you see your fair share of these customers. So it’s worth investing in equipment that’ll make collision repair easier and faster.

One spot welder you should consider adding to your shop is the GYSpot Inverter BP.LG. Here’s what you need to know about it.

It’s Very Mobile

The double sided wield gun has a reduced weight of 13 lbs., which means it’s lightweight. The machine also has a reinforced trolley for better stability.

As a result, this allows you to move the spot welder wherever you need it within an instant. There’s no heavy lifting involved and you won’t have to worry about it tipping over.

It’s Easy to Use

You and your technicians won’t have to worry about struggling with the GYSpot Inverter BP.LG. The arm’s easy to open, so you can change it quickly and easily. Plus, you can lock it with only one hand.

The intelligent welding of this equipment means it can automatically recognize not only the type of steel, but also the thickness. It adjusts pressure between electrodes so there’s no manual work involved.

The machine detects steel type, sheet-metal thickness, Panel bond presence, and insulating material between HSS/VHSS/ UHSS/Boron sheet-metal.

The 5.7-inch LCD screen has user-friendly navigation so you don’t waste time. There are 7 modes to choose from: normal, manual, multi, GYsteel, auto, manufacturer, and energy.

You’ll also see an increase in productivity with its new GENIUS clamp ram concept and smart welding algorithm.

It’s Powerful and Durable

The GYSpot Inverter BP.LG has a clamping force of 550 daN at 8 bar and a welding current of 12,500 A (240 V). It has support across the overhanging arm and a double-size stem for longevity.

This spot welder also has water-cooled power cables, electrodes, and caps, so overheating won’t be an issue. It’s also protected against overvoltage and overcurrent, and its BODYPROTECT technology protects you from magnetic fields.

It Has a Great ROI

It has quick arm removal without use of tools thanks to double action feature.In addition, the GENIUS clamp automatically retracts the electrodes so you get quicker access to the welding area. And its auto mode frees up your technicians to perform other work simultaneously.

This efficiency combined with its ease of use means the GYSpot Inverter BP.LG will pay for itself almost immediately.

Get the GYSpot Inverter BP.LG for Your Auto Body Shop

As you can see, the GYSpot Inverter BP.LG is a modern piece of technology that’s excellent for collision repair.

If you need assistance to get this spot welder, then get peace of mind knowing that we have financing options available. We offer great rates and even 0% options if you invest in new equipment with Innovative Solutions & Technology.

If you are interested in the BP.LG and would like to schedule a demo, please get in touch with us today. We are a proud distributor of GYS welding systems.