Airfix draw aligner

The Airfix Draw Aligner is an innovative dent puller with an ergonomic design for efficiency and comfort in your collision repair facility. For any auto-body technician this is a vital tool with minimal maintenance, no additional tools needed, no further effort and no time lost. Simply, find a place for the unit, connect to compressed air, and pull to create suction. The Airfix Draw Aligner is conveniently structured at 52” heigh, 24” long and 14.5” wide.

The Airfix Draw Aligner utilizes a patented design to suction the unit to the ground creating a supportive pulling force of 770 lbs. at any height, up to 52”.

Airfix draw aligner weight limit

The innovate and patented design features a non-glued, recessed surrounding seal that can be changed immediately with no down time. The suction cup plate is equipped with 4 rubber pads to absorb the shearing forces when pulling. This enhances the stability of the unit and lessens the seal shearing surrounding the bottom of the unit. These reliable seals help extend the operational life of the Airfix Draw Aligner by reducing wear and tear on other components, minimizing the risk of failure, and improving overall equipment availability.

Patent Pending Airfix

Designed and tested applying the Venturi effect which creates suction when there is a difference in pressure between two points.  This provides the perfect stability needed to anchor the Airfix Draw Aligner safely to the ground.  

airfix compressed air venturi effect suction

To ensure maximum grip, it is essential to position the Airfix Draw Aligner on a clean, flat surface, free of dust and liquids, with no cracks or joints in the designated area. The Airfix Draw Aligner is fitted with two  rear wheels that allow for easy maneuverability with 360  access.

airfix in use
Simple - Works with compressed air

Reliable - Innovative and patented suction design

Powerful – Pulling capacity, up to 770 lbs.

Adaptive – Wide range of pulling height, up to 52” Slide system to adjust the pulling height

Low maintenance -  No glue needed for seal replacement

Precise – Pull in any direction or at any angle

Durable – Wired pulling rope has 3000 lbs. of pulling power

Quiet – Low noise level is accomplished by a high performance silencer build into the unit

Easily maneuverable - Fixed wheels

Convenient – minimal assembly and lightweight at 68 lbs.

Easy operation – In 3 simple steps

Step 1: Placement | Step 2: Connect to compressed air | Step 3: Pull to create suction

airfix 3 easy steps


Product and shipping information:

The Airfix Draw Aligner comes with a 6-tooth claw.

Please see the product manual for assembly instructions.

Packaging Dimensions – 47” x 16” x 3.5”

Shipping Weight – 68 lbs.

If you are interested in upgrading your shop to include an Airfix Draw Aligner
please contact us or call 973-348-9490.