AIR2 SAN for the Transportation Industry

AIR2 SAN is the ideal cleaning solution for buses, trains, trucks, and more. Learn more about the benefits of AIR2 SAN for the transportation industry here.

Travel continues to rebound in America, with more than 39 million people hitting the road in some fashion during a recent holiday weekend.

From rental cars to airplanes, that means a lot of people sharing breathing space again. A lot of effort goes into ensuring equipment safety, but more thought is being put into clearing the air as well.

Following its successful use in hotels and offices, more companies are looking to the AIR2 SAN for the transportation industry as well. Let’s take a look at how it works and the benefits for travelers.

About the AIR2 SAN

A compact machine that can be plugged into a car’s lighter socket or a 12v accessory socket, the AIR2 SAN quickly sanitizes the inside of vehicles. Unlike some other options, this model doesn’t rely on a timer system to do the work, instead its sensors test the air to determine how much ozone to release and how long to run.

The unit can be run remotely from outside the vehicle with a mobile app, making it safe to leave unsupervised to run until it completes sanitation. The app can generate a sanitation report at the end to certify the space has been cleaned.

Travel Industry Use

More than 34 million people board some form of public transportation every day including light rail and van-pool services. The sheer number of people moving through those spaces makes them especially in need of good sanitation services.

Rental car agencies, taxi services, and limo companies benefit from smaller spaces with fewer people at a time but should still be looking at options for cleaning between passengers. The AIR2 SAN’s compact size and powerful action make it perfect for any vehicle that sees a lot of people moving through it.

With a single unit, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to clean the air in a standard SUV. Used in groups, the machine can clear any kind of community vehicle, mass transit mode, or airplane quickly enough to meet most turnaround times.

Sanitation Process

The AIR2 SAN uses a three-phase process to clear the air of pathogens and make it ready for a new batch of passengers.

In Phase 1, the machine’s sensors test the air to calculate the right amount of ozone needed. It checks temperature, humidity, and how much ozone is already around before it begins sanitation.

Phase 2 involves releasing the ozone, formed from oxygen by electrical discharges, into the space to kill off any lingering viruses, molds, and bacteria. Based on its initial check of the atmosphere, it figures how long is needed to sanitize the space and surfaces, getting it to a medical standard of 99.9 percent clean of germs.

The final phase converts the ozone into oxygen to make the air safe to breathe. At that point, you’re ready to return the vehicle to service or turn it over to the owner.

Tap Into AIR2 SAN for the Transportation Industry

Some customers still feel uncomfortable sharing air space with others, so assuring them you’ve taken the time to clean it makes them feel more taken care of. Deploying the AIR2 SAN for the transportation industry is an effective way of getting the air and surfaces in community vehicles and mass transit cleaned to a high standard between rides.

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