AIR2 SAN for the Hotel Industry: A Brief Guide

What do you know about AIR2 SAN? How can it benefit the hotel industry? Learn what you need to know with this brief guide.

Guests in the hotel industry overwhelmingly rate cleanliness as the most important factor when selecting a place to stay. Thus, you must invest in the technology that you need in a post-COVID world to ensure that rooms undergo sanitization. This is where the AIR2 SAN comes in.

Below you can learn what the AIR2 SAN is and how it works. By the end of this article, you should understand why owning this hotel room sanitizer is an important part of routine hotel disinfection. So do not hesitate, it is time for your cleaning protocols to enter the 21st century.

What Is the AIR2 SAN?

This is a device that saturates the air around itself with ozone. This gas can spread around an environment, destroying any germs and anything that could cause someone to get ill. Examples of the things that high ozone levels can kill include:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mold
  • Fungi

This ensures that your location is free from pathogens. It can sit in a room and clean it out while your service staff moves about the hotel and performs other duties.

What Is Unique About the AIR2 SAN?

The AIR2 SAN is an improvement on many of the other options for ozone sanitizers. Its advanced technology allows it to have many advanced features.

As a part of the Internet of Things, this device is accessible via a mobile app. The person using it can put it somewhere and keep an eye on how long it has left to work via a mobile device. This prevents the staff member from wasting time checking on it.

The device is also automated. You do not need to remain with it while it performs its task. 

For accountability, the AIR2 SAN can also give you a printable report. In addition, you can use this when discussing sanitization safety with inspectors.

How Does the AIR2 SAN Work?

The AIR2 SAN has three phases as it goes through its sanitation processes. These are the following:

Phase One

The AIR2 SAN starts to disperse ozone into its surrounding environment. This continues until the device’s sensors detect that it has reached a perfect saturation level. This will not cause harm to objects, surfaces, or vehicles and will start to sanitize the area.

Phase Two

During this phase, the AIR2 SAN continues to make ozone when its onboard computer detects that the area needs more. It holds the ozone level at a specific amount to allow sanitization.

Phase Three

After sanitization finishes, the device converts ozone into oxygen. Over time, this brings the area back into amounts that are safe to inhabit.

Sanitization Excellence for the Hotel Industry

You should now understand why this device is a major boon for any hotel industry location that you might manage. Lucky for you, our people are ready to talk to you about your sanitization service needs and the technology we can provide.

Contact us to talk about the AIR2 SAN and how it serves as a hotel room sanitizer that can help you keep your hotel fresh and staff healthy at all times. All you need to do is give us a call and we can help you work towards the next stage of your management journey.