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Pro Kit Camauto

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Pro Kit CamAuto


The CamAuto Pro Glue Kit is an advanced dent pulling system that uses plastic tabs with hot glue to straighten dented and bumped areas without damaging the surroundings. It effectively distributes pressure while repairing the damages. Disassembling panels fixtures is no longer necessary thanks to the well-designed tabs and adjustable glue thermos control unit.

The system can be used in many different ways and it will accomplish the following:

  • Repairing shallow dents less than 3 cm long to larger dents and damages.
  • The flexibility and design of the tabs made it possible to repair any part of any vehicle with no exception of curves, angles, lines and round-shaped areas.
  • Multiple tabs are available in the system to penetrate all damages. Most importantly is that the tabs can used over and over as long as they are well maintained by the technician.


No need to remove paint

No need to remove interior trims or disconnect battery


Adjustable temperature glue gun 130-200°C (265-390°F) 12mm (½”). Robust and easy to use, fast recovery, medium output, 2-minute warm up time & illuminated on/off switch.

It is important to follow these steps for a proper and efficient use of this product. Technicians are required to take all the safety precautions while using this product.

  1. Prior to starting the gluing process, get all the necessary tools and cleaning material.
  2. Turn on the glue gun at least 5 minutes before use. The glue gun has to be an industrial one with at least 120V.
  3. Clean the panel from dust and debris, you may spray the Hot Glue Remover 91% alcohol wipe the panel for best results.
  4. Warm up the damaged panel using a head gun between 79°F to 90°F / 20°C to 30°C.
  5. Hold the plastic tab and warm up the base with the heat gun.
  6. Apply the glue throughout the base of the plastic tab and put it on the damaged panel.
  7. Wait 5 minutes and start pulling.
  8. Technician should be careful and at a right distance away from the panel while pulling.
  9. To release the plastic tabs, spray the Hot Glue Remover 91% alcohol from one side and start removing the glue by hitting between the tab and the panel using the plastic bar sharp edge.
  10. Watch our online videos on Facebook CamAuto Pro.

What’s Included:

5x small tabs 2cm x 6.5cm

5x medium tabs 3.5cm x 6.5cm

5x large tabs 5cm x 6.5cm

2x long thin tabs 3.5cm x 15cm

2x long large tabs 5cm x 15cm

15x flexible clips

5x rigid clips

2x metal hooks

1x metal hook bar

1x empty bottle

2x plastic bar tabs

1x professional hot glue gun

10x glue sticks 12mm

24x hybrids red tabs

5x steel hooks


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